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All talks 10:00 AM, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, Finlayson & Cedar Hill Road

All welcome

1.  September 7       Voices of Humanism: in memory of Theo Meijer – Gary Bauslaugh  [new book]

  Other early September events  to watch for:  

 September 10? – Clubs’ Day booth at UVic – with SkepVics (student organization)

Film festival or Debate with SkepVics (later in September)

September 14 – Annual Peace Arch Park Humanist Picnic (see Al Wiseley)

2.  September 21      Managed Alcohol Programs

– Dr. Tim Stockwell, UVic

3.  October 5   Respect for and Living with Wildlife –

Sven Johansson, nonagenarian member, VSHA

4.  October 12  Exploring British Columbia’s Geothermal Energy Potential –

-Warren Greeves, Outreach, Canadian Geothermal Energy Association

5.  October  26     The Use of Art Therapy in Thailand

– Lucille Proulx (board member, VSHA)

6.  November 9     Stopping Female Genital Mutilation: from Chattel to Personhood

– Joe Scaletta (retired social worker, Vancouver Island Health Authority)

7.  November 23     Brahms: the Voice of Humanism

– Robert Light, MFA (VP, VSHA)

8.  Dec 7     The Human Genome: Where do Humanists Fit In?

–  a workshop examining the  collective results of the DNA analyses undergone by some VSHA members

– Al Wiseley (board member, VSHA)

And on Sunday, December 21, we will have our annual Winter Solstice Party — pot luck at Betty Lunam’s place (mid-afternoon to early evening)