VSHA Master r1 300X150The Humanist Cafe
October 2, 2013 
7:00 to 8:30 pm


Topic: Important Local Issues: The future of Victoria and area

Moderator: John Pope

There are several local issues which Victorians are now debating: a few are listed below.  If there is another issue you feel strongly about, please feel free to bring it up for discussion on Wednesday evening.

It’s all about us!

1. Sewage Treatment

We will definitely be getting our sewage treated.  But what about the NIMBY syndrome, and the consequences of sewage treatment?


2. Rapid Transit

Some are arguing for light rail, some want road improvements. What’s best for the future of Victoria?


3. Wildlife Management

Should there be a deer cull, or are there other ways to deal with this problem?


4. Municipalities Amalgamation

Would one big police force for the area be better than 13 local forces?  How would amalgamation of all services affect local choices for governance?


See you there!