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Humanist Cafe 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Topic:How will the death of Hugo Chavez affect Venezuela and Latin America?

Introduction: Barrie Webster
Moderator: John Pope

President Hugo Chavez was the author of true political change in Latin America during the 12 years of his tenure. Much of his success is attributed to his personal drive and charisma. But there has been, at the same time, deeply based opposition to his brand of politics with the media and the US working actively to depose him. Now, following his untimely death, what does the future hold for Venezuela and Latin America? The strength of a number of left-leaning governments of other countries in Latin America has been bolstered by support from Venezuela over the past decade. What happens now? The following articles and other reference material will give some background beyond the knee-jerk responses from conservative interests in the US and Canada.

1. Chavez stayed true to his goal (Victoria Times Colonist)


2. Canada-Venzuela “reset” not yet likely (Globe and Mail)


3. News shorts from the New York Times following the death of Hugo Chavez:


4. Letters on the nature of Hugo Chavez (first few letters to the Globe & Mail from March 7)


5. Audio report from Free Speech Radio News (includes material from Al Jazeera and from freelance investigative journalist, Greg Palast)


6. A video, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez, released in January, 2013, documents the attempt by the US to orchestrate a coup against Chavez in 2006. The video was put together by Greg Palast and contains material he himself obtained over several years’ interviews and observations in Venezuela and the US. Note that the title of this video refers to the desire to take out Chavez, not to his actual death in March 2013.


7. Why was he considered to be a hero?


8. Chavez’s effect on Latin America


9. And what comes next?

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