Discussion Topic:
Should We Travel To Mars ? Yes or No ?

Robert Light MFA

John Pope

Meetup Date:
Wednesday Evening, August 15th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

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James Bay New Horizons Activity Centre, 234 Menzies Street, Victoria, B.C. V8V 2G7

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Yes and no. At first blush it is such an exciting adventure! We should think back to the Buck Rogers epoch of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Then there is that yawn-fest imaginatively named the International Space Station. We do indeed need some excitement added to our relationship with space. The autonomous golf carts on Mars do not inspire awe or optimism.

No or yes? We have a lot of problem’s here on Earth. It happens to be dying. Now is not the time to be building an addition on our house while it is on fire.

Or can we do both? Should we build a new civilization on Mars while we try to transform and save our home base? Can we afford Mars and save Earth? Or is it one or the other? Maybe we need to do both in order to save a vision for the future.

1. The New Space Race – Why We Need A Human Mission To Mars