The Humanist Cafe
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 – 7:00-8:30 pm
James Bay New Horizons 234 Menzies Street, Victoria


Discussion Topic: The Canadian Federal Election 2019: The Parties, The Policies, And The Politicians (three P’s plus the pundits!)

Here’s your chance to give a pitch for your favourite party, your favourite policy, or even your reason(s) for not voting at all.  You can let us know what your outcome predictions are.  And, most important of all, you get to listen to what others are saying!

Here is the latest polling data: Poll taken Sept. 28:

Courting undecided voters: 


Does strategic voting work?

How does pre-election polling influence voters?

What’s at stake?

[Please bring your questions to the table!]

See you there!

All welcome! Bring a friend.

Coffee and tea are available.  Donations gratefully accepted.

No fighting allowed.  😉