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 Presenter: Dr. Barrie Webster

Topic: UN Resolution 2334 on the legitimacy of the Israeli Settlement Policy in the Occupied West Bank:

the US Response, a Canadian voice, and Analysis

The US abstained from vetoing the UN Resolution 2334 and it therefore passed in the Security Council by 14-0-1.

Here is UN Resolution 2334 (2016-12-23):

Views expressed by the Security Council members:

Kerry’s speech (US) 2016-12-28

Commentary on Netanyahu’s reaction (Israel)

Commentary on a Sample of Palestinian reaction

More Commentary and political analysis

Canada’s Heinbecker – op-ed 2016-12-30 (former Canadian ambassador to the UN)

A view from one American activist who has followed the controversy for the past ten years:

“I disagree with many friends because I do not accept some of Kerry’s premises. I think Palestinians should be given more recognition as the preZionist inhabitants of Palestine, who lived peacefully with Jewish neighbors before the UN proposal of 2 separate states. Secondly, I cannot accept the assumption that “separate but equal” is any more in tune with American values in the Middle East than it is in North America. Thirdly, Kerry’s reference to 2 equal states living under the same laws makes no sense to me considering that the assumption is always that Israel will have military forces to defend itself and that Palestine will be unarmed. Fourthly, I have been of the opinion that US made a serious mistake at the time of the acclaimed free and  supervised elections in Gaza and the West Bank by not recognizing the legitimacy of Hamas as the government of the Gaza. To me it seems legitimate to acknowledge the elected government and to give it the opportunity to shift from terrorism to rule according to international law. Fifthly, I am convinced that Israelis and Palestinians would both benefit by integrating completely in a democratic union, with equal laws and equal rights, with a single democratic government.

“You may say, “Dream on,” but I hold firm in my idealism that only such a state should be defended and supported by US. No racist “solution” such as the one Kerry suggests, is acceptable nor would it be successful in my eyes.”    -Mary Allen