Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – 7:00-8:30 pm
James Bay New Horizons 234 Menzies Street, Victoria

Discussion Topic:
Canada’s International Role And Influence – How Much Stature And Authority Does Canada Have On The World Stage?

Moderator: John Pope

This short article is an excellent summary of our topic (If you read only one suggested article – this is it):

Debates about Canada’s role and relative influence in world affairs are not new. These issues, however, are arguably more important – and complex – today in light of global power shifts; intensified competition among states for access, influence and prosperity; and the struggle of multilateral institutions to both reflect and deal with these developments.”  Read more:

Here’s a survey (2008) that shows how Canadians view themselves internationally:

“Most Canadians believe their country exerts at least some influence in world affairs today, and that it has grown over the past 20 years, largely because of its peacekeeping and/or military activities focusing on fighting terrorism. Those who see a diminishing influence point to less peacekeeping or declining independence from the U.S on foreign policy.”  Read more:  (pdf)

Recent news about Canada’s foreign relations:

Canada contributes $10 million in emergency funding for Palestinian refugees “The pledge in additional funding comes as UNRWA donors meet in Rome. The UN body that helps Palestinian refugees is looking to cover an estimated $446 million budget shortfall that was primarily caused by U.S. President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision in January to freeze U.S. aid to the Palestinians.”  Read more:

After years of neglect on peacekeeping, Canada is deploying peacekeeping troops to Mali: “Walter Dorn, a professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and one of the leading experts on peacekeeping, said it’s about time a decision was made.  ‘It has taken far too long,” he said. “I think the cabinet was dithering and delaying. Having said that, I’m pleased the government is actually committing troops, but we have to see how fast they act on it.'”  Read more:

Also recently, Canada joins the countries condemning Russia over the alleged spy murder in the UK:

Canada’s foreign aid budget:

“Canada’s international development assistance well below the average spent by its peers in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)”…despite an additional $2 billion over five years, starting in 2018-19:  Read more:

Canada’s participation in an international agency:

“The International Narcotics Control Board is expressing concerns about the Trudeau government’s plan to legalize recreational cannabis use in Canada, warning the move will place Canada in violation of international drug control conventions.”  Read more:\


Is Canada pulling its weight in the International arena?

Does the current US administration affect Canada’s International influence?

Is Justin Trudeau the best person to represent Canada internationally?

Will Canada continue to maintain its current level of influence in the world?

Does Canada lead the world in anything besides mushroom consumption?  🙂

See you there!