VSHA Humanist Cafe
Wednesday, October 21
, 7 – 8:30 pm
James Bay New Horizons
234 Menzies Street,
James Bay  
Topic: The Election – What Happened?
moderator: John Pope
As promised, our discussion will be about all aspects of the Federal Election. 

Here are some possible questions for our discussion:

- Was the election fair?  Were there any 'dirty tricks' like robo-calls, or voter fraud?

- Was the turnout better than in the last election?  How does this make a difference?

- How did the media portray the campaigns?  Which media did you depend on?

- Were the polls right?  How important are polls to voters?

- What were the key turning points or issues which made a difference in the campaigns?

- Did strategic voting make a difference in the outcome? 
- Did the new rules under the "Fair Election Act" cause problems for people?

- Do you think your vote made a difference?

- Did we get the government that we want, or the one we deserve?

- {Your question here}

Come out and have your say.

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve."  
-George Bernard Shaw

See you there!  Bring a buddy.