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Wednesday, May 1,2013 
7:00 to 8:30 pm


Is a Sustainable Forestry Policy within Reach in BC?

Presenter – Ray Travers
Moderator – Barrie Webster

Sustainability is the key factor in establishing a stable viable forestry policy for British Columbia. Effectively ‘mining’ old growth forests by clear cutting has been the practice for many years. What are the ways in which we as Humanists and as citizens of BC ought to be pushing to change the course of the forestry industry for the better?

Features to consider include the reliable and predictable supply of fibre, ongoing forest ecology and its influence on sustainability, employment in the forest industry (lumber, pulp and paper), stable rural communities involved in the forest industry, and models used successfully elsewhere in the world.

A policy paper on this subject was written about twenty years ago by several recognized scientific experts from the Pacific Northwest of North America (see attached).

D. Ludwig, R. Hilborn, & C. Walters, “Uncertainty, Resource Exploitation, and Conservation: Lessons from History,” Science vol. 260, April 2, 1993, pp. 17-18.

See you there!