For me and subsequent web editors, it would be useful to define general web standards.  These can be changes if/when the web is eventually redesigned.
This web will look more polished/professional if from section to section and page to page style elements are consistent.

Proposed starting standard Jan 2018

Default Font – Verdana??? 14px
Page Headers H2 – Raleway???,  Bold, 40px
Section Headers H3 – Follow H2, 30px
H4 – Follow H3, 20 px

Problem areas

More significant:

  1. Inconsistent standard for links.  Link are various colors and size.  Links not obvious and lead to notes saying click on “red text”.  Poor usability
  2. Poor practice to say click-here.   Links should be clear and invite reader to click based on text.  It’s about phrasing.

Less significant:

1. Home page: Additional/inconsistent section spacing
2. Readability: repeated sentences:  “welcome to our web site”, “contact our president”… maybe more
3.  Use of acronyms.  Minimise – VHSA when not necessary.  Spell in full.  I edited the board of director page.

4. Set different default fonts for headers than text.