November 17, 10:00 am Cedar Hill Rec. Center – 3220 Cedar Hill Rd.

Presented by Dr. Ronald Bontekoe, PhD
Critical thinking is an essential part of being a humanist. Hermeneutics has been called by many logicians and philosophers as the ultimate intellectual summit of critical and analytic thinking especially in the theories of  interpretation and knowledge.  This Sunday Talk at 10 am on the 17th of November will likely be a first look in to this remarkable topic for some of our members and friends.  We are fortunate to have Dr. Bontekoe to introduce and explain hermeneutics to us.  Dr. Bontekoe is an articulate, personable and insightful speaker with decades of university teaching in philosophy.  He makes the field of hermeneutics clearly accessible,  fascinating, useful, and a down right joy!  
Hermeneutics spans the Analytical and Continental Philosophies.  It is used in the interpretation of ancient texts, symbolism, communication, history, linguistics, ethics, and politics.  It is discussed and utilized in the three great traditions of idealism, rationalism, and materialism.   It has been recommended by great humanists like Lord Bertrand Russell and Dr. Noam Chomsky.
We recommend you get a head start on Hermeneutics by consulting YouTube and Wikipedia.  While you are there do look up the great philosopher on hermeneutics, Hans-Georg Gadamer.  His 1960 magnum opus “Truth and Method” is a highly readable masterpiece on the topic.
Read Dr. Bontekoe’s book  called “Dimensions of the Hermeneutic Cycle.”  It is available on Amazon.  

See you there!  Bring a friend.
Open to all.  donations gratefully accepted.