VSHA Sunday Talk

October 20, 10:00am Cedar Hill Rec. Center – 3220 Cedar Hill Rd.

Our next Sunday Talk will be a rare panel discussion on the looming Federal Election.  Hosted by our President, Rob Light, the panel will consist of our own VSHA members Dr. Joan Russow, John Pope, Glynne Evans, and Thor Henrich.  There will ample time for questions & answers, and there should be a lot of them!
This election looks to be a real squeaker with the Liberals and Conservatives again not only at each other’s throats but neck and neck as they race for the finish line.   Does Canada face a minority government?  And what of the NDP, Greens, Bloc, and People’s Party?  Which will hold the balance of power?
What are the issues on the minds of Canadians?  Global climate change.  Scandals.  The economy.  Immigration.  Housing.  Pharmacare.  Fossil fuel subsidies.  What causes in the election are the most important to Canadian humanists?  You tell us.
Come to the next Sunday Talk at 10 am the 20th of October in the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre on the day before ‘Canada Votes!’   -RL

Open to all.  Bring a friend.
Donations gratefully accepted.