2018 Spring Schedule for VSHA Sunday Speakers

All talks 10:00 AM, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, Finlayson & Cedar Hill Road

January 21 The Religious Origins of Fake News & Alternative Facts

Dr.Christopher Douglas, English, UVic
Fake news – origin in the Christian fundamentalism of the early 20th century

January 28 Annual General Meeting

Your VSHA community sets the course for another successful secular year

February 11 Charles Darwin’s 209th Birthday Celebration

Robert Light, MFA, VP VSHA
The ‘outrageous’ deductions in Origin of Species were publicly defended by Darwin’s colleagues in his absence

February 25 History of Partition and the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Dr. Martin Bunton, History, UVic
Examining not only the historical basis of the conflict, but also how and why a resolution to the conflict continues to be so difficult

March 11 Light-Based Random Access Memory (RAM) in Computing

Dr. Natia Frank, Chemistry, UVic
Recent advances in photochemistry at the University of Victoria have led to the development of light-based RAM, greatly enhancing computer memory

March 25 Human Attachment Throughout the Lifetime

Lucille Proulx, BA Psych, BFA, MFA, ATR

Attachment Informed Art Therapy is an innovative art therapy approach that provides the therapist with the theories and applications to work with all populations with troubled or abusive relationships.

April 8 Proportional Representation vs. First Past the Post

Steven Hurdle, Fair Vote Canada (http://www.fairvote.ca/)
Expect a vigorous discussion on the merits of your chosen voting system

April 22 Corporate Power, Fossil Fuels, and Climate Crisis

Dr. Bill Carroll, Sociology, UVic
The deeply entrenched corporate obstacles to dealing with global warming, and strategies and policies to promote the transition to a post-carbon economy.

May 6 talk on the archaeology of the Salish Sea TBA