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Wednesday, May 17, 7:00 to 8:30 pm
     James Bay New Horizons
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The New B.C. Family Law

Presenter: Alan Danesh

Moderator: John Pope

On November 23, 2011, the BC Legislature gave the third and final reading to Bill 16, the new Family Law Act and it received Royal Assent on November 24.  All provisions of the new Family Law came fully into force on March 18, 2013. It replaces the Family Relations Act that was enacted in British Columbia in 1979.

The Family Relations Act and similar family laws enacted in other Provinces have been unjust to the point of criminality. These laws have caused millions of acrimonious separations and divorces throughout the past three decades, prevented vast numbers of people from marrying or living in common law relationships, broken up marriages, and have led to the suicide or murder of many men and the murder of many more women. As predicted by the far-sighted editors of the Vancouver Sun at the time, they have led to mercenary love affairs and marriages and have poisoned the relationship between women and men. Far from creating equality, such laws have hardened the class structure of the society by preventing many people from living with or marrying someone poorer than themselves.

To see the full text of the new B.C. Family Law access the following link: