The Humanist Cafe

Wednesday, February 15, 7:00 to 8:30 pm
James Bay New Horizons
234 Menzies Street James Bay

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

How the U.S. Supreme Court is in error in its

reading of the U.S. Second Amendment

Presenter: Alan Danesh

Moderator: John Pope

The VSHA Secretary and Communications Officer, Alan Danesh, who is a Political Scientist and Sociologist originally trained as a Jurist in European legal system explains how the Conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court misread intentions of the authors of the U.S. Second Amendment with devastating consequences for the American Society and perhaps the world. In his article, published internationally by online publications, he recommends a just and fair method of removing weapons from the hands of American citizens in order to prevent in the future the mass shootings that we have frequently observed in the United States, and recently in Quebec.

Gun Control and the U.S. Second Amendment, online on Global Research:

Updated in light of more recent shootings in the U.S.

Gun Control and the U.S. Second Amendment, The Carnage Continues, online on CounterCurrents:

The same article online on News4Security:


Questions for Discussion:

What has been the impact of the misreading of the Second Amendment in the U.S., culturally and socially?

Is the American society a safer place with hundreds of millions of guns in the hand of citizens?

The “guns do not kill, but people do” argument

Has “gun worship” made the U.S. more aggressive internationally?

Has the wide-spread gun ownership led the American police to militarize?

Should the people of Canada be concerned about the impact of the U.S. “gun culture” on Canada in light of the recent tragedy in Quebec?


Everyone is Welcome to attend; bring a friend.