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This is a draft schedule and itinerary  for our VSHA forestry field trip on Monday September 22, 2014 from Victoria to Duncan, rain or shine. 

This year our focus is on forest management – the way people are organized to conduct activities on forest land, and to produce benefits for those they serve. Forest management is a social activity, with a strong cultural influence on the way decisions are made, and forest practices carried out.

In 2013 we visited the Cowichan Lake Forest  Research Station with a focus on the small old growth Douglas fir reserve and the Schenstrom thinning plots. Andy MacKinnon and Louse de Montigny were our guides.  This September 22, 2014 field trip will build on what we learned.
Since Duncan BC is within the E and N land grant area, most public land available today for forestry, is land that was once private and reverted to the BC government because of failure to pay taxes, most in the 1930’s.
1. The travel logistics on September 22 will be similar to our first VSHA forestry field trip in April 2013. We will:
(a) be carpooling. We will meet 8:15 AM September 22 at the Helmcken Park and Ride.
(b) travel from Victoria to Duncan in individual cars (say 4 people per car).
(c) have lunch at a restaurant in Duncan. Location TBA
(d) return to Victoria, about 4:00 PM.
2. Our forestry hosts on September 22 will be;
(a) 9: 30 AM to 11:30 AM: Darrel Frank, Forest Manager, North Cowichan Municipal Forest, 7030 Trans Canada Highway, immediately north of Duncan.
I have  requested Darrel Frank, RPF,  to discuss the history of the North Cowichan Municipal Forest, its size and location etc., the values they manage for, and the type of forestry practiced to deliver benefits to the community. Weather permitting, we will drive about one km up nearby Mt Prevost to view, from a prominent location, the forest and some plantations.
The North Cowichan Municipal Forest  is what is seen on the landscape when driving the Trans Canada Highway, on Mt Prevost, Mt Tzouhalem and Mt Sicker north of Duncan.
If some do not want to drive their car on this easy to travel, but narrow in places, gravel forest road, then I will request more experienced drivers to do the driving. There is lots of room to turn around at the viewpoint.
(b) 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM, Helen Reid, Forest Referrals Coordinator. Helen will request Al Delisle, Forester, and Eamon Gaunt, Treaty Advisor, to speak to us. The Cowichan Tribe has a Community Forest, and operates the Khowutzun Forest Services Limited Partnership (KFCLP).
• We plan to arrive at  the Cowichan Tribal Office, 5700 Allenby Road, Duncan BC , about 1:00 PM.
• I have asked Helen (an ecologist) and her colleagues to explain  the history of the Cowichan Tribe,  the values they manage for on tribal lands, what cultural and other information they collect, and the type of forestry practiced to deliver benefits to the Cowichan people. Al Delisle, the Cowichan Forester will be invited to speak to us.• I have requested a discussion on the recent decision of Supreme Court of Canada on the Tsilhqot’in case and what it may mean for forest management in BC. Eamon Gaunt, Cowichan Treaty Advisor will be invited to speak to us.
(c) 2:45 PM to 4:00 PM. Carol Miller, Administrative Assistant, BC Forest Discovery Centre, 2893 Drinkwater Road, Duncan BC,
• There will be a $10/person (seniors rate) admission fee at the BC Forest Discovery Center.
* I have arranged  a one-hour guided forest ecology tour.
* I have requested our tour guide to discuss the history of logging and forestry in the Cowichan Valley, and what themes, information and activities are provided at the BC Forest Discovery Centre.
3. COSTS : Everyone will pay for their own lunch in Duncan, and the $10 admission fee at the BC Forest Discovery Centre,
REQUEST : If you plan to attend please let Ray Travers know ASAP by email rtravers@islandnet.com, by September 1, 2014.  
While there is no registration or deadline, I have estimated 20 people will attend this field trip. I plan to reconfirm this Monday September 22 itinerary and schedule with our hosts  on September 1, 2014.
Looking forward to another successful VSHA forestry field trip!!
Regards, Ray Travers 250-477-8479